Holistic Health Coaching

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I was trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be a Holistic Health Coach.  This means I was trained to look at a persons whole being in order to support them to heal.  I want to know you, know how you feel about your relationships, your body, career, health, creativity, and spirituality.  I want to know how well you are eating and sleeping, and what you do for physical activity.....I want to know about all of you because it is all interconnected.  You can not separate the body, mind, and spirit.  

For example, even if you were eating healthy foods and doing exercise you love, you would likely not feel healthy, happy and whole if you are stressed out on a regular basis because your relationship with your spouse is challenging or because you hate your job.

 I believe that everyone is an individual, and there is no one solution that works for all....so each session with my clients is unique.   I use my holistic health coaching skills in combination with energy healing techniques to support my clients to completely heal themselves. Thats right, I said heal yourself.  I want you to take back your power!  The answers you are looking for are inside of you!  Only you know what you truly need. 

I will be here to guide you, ask you important questions, help you rebalance your energy system, teach you techniques, and cheer you on, but you are the only one who can truly heal you.  Healing is about letting go of all those shoulds, expectations, limiting beliefs, and emotional traumas, while building on your strengths, so you can be your authentic self. 

1 hr sessions $85