Lessons From the Trapeze

    The power of the space in-between.

    The power of the space in-between.

Just like the trapeze artist, we must be willing to let go of the trapeze we are holding, and fly through the air in that unknown terrifying space in-between, in order to catch the next trapeze.  Perhaps the most important time in ones life is when we let go of the old, but we have not yet caught the new.  This time in-between, this scary space in-between!  It requires a great deal of courage to hurl yourself into this unknown space.

Being willing to let go of the old, before you have a firm grip on the new is important, in fact it is necessary.  We can not grow if we are not willing to let go.  Letting go of the old you, the old ways….the old relationship, the old patterns and habits, the old job….letting go is scary for us humans.  We like familiarity….it is comfortable and safe in our familiar ways.  But there is always this calling in us to grow and expand ourselves.  There is a voice inside us that we must listen to.  This voice, our inner wisdom, is daring us to live more fully, to follow our passion, to expand our minds.  Even though we hear this voice, we often are too afraid to let go….too afraid of that void in-between the old and the new.  We can visualize the new but…..What if we fall? what if we fail? What if we don’t like it? What if our friends don’t like it? What if.…….  

If we can start to look at this time in-between as an important time in our lives, If we can learn to see it as an opportunity to learn about ourselves and reconnect with our inner wisdom, then perhaps we can begin to feel ok about being in this place of unknowns.  Learning to trust ourselves, and know that we can handle, and even thrive, in the space between the old and the new, is important.  It opens us up to the world of possibility and wonder.  It is boring, and often unhealthy in our old self….we must listen to our calling and continue on in bravery towards our dreams even if we are unsure, scared, and don’t know what to do.  Just let go, and try to allow yourself to stay in that space of in-between as long as you can.  Give yourself the opportunity to learn and grow and reconnect with your true nature.  Perhaps the space in between is the only time we are truly living….

Many of us, whether we were forced, or chose to let go, scramble to catch the next thing, the next trapeze, as quick as we can.  We are so uncomfortable in that space in-between that we rush to start a new relationship, a new job, or form a new habit, without taking the time we need to reconnect with ourselves in a meaningful way.  We rush onward without investigate what we really desire.  

If we are able to hang out in this space in-between long enough, perhaps we can learn to fly!

What are you holding onto? What is your inner voice telling you to let go of but you haven't because you are afraid?  Saying it out loud might help you get ready to take the leap and finally let go!  Fear is normal, but we must not let it stop us from following our dreams!


Leah Wentworth