"I've been saying 'I wish I had time to focus on my health' for years. So finally, I decided to make it happen. As soon as I did, the universe sent me Inner Wisdom Health & Wellness.

The moment I met Leah, I knew I was in good hands. She is the epitome of calm, collected, and down-to-earth. At first I was worried that perhaps I wouldn't be capable of implementing the physical and nutritional lifestyle changes necessary to take control of my health. But I was wrong. Leah made it so fun and easy to talk through my health concerns, identify areas of focus and chart a map for navigating my new path.

She is so thorough in her methodology, digging deep to look into your past while planning for the future. She does her research, and tailors each session to your needs and concerns. Plus, the fact that she doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk each and every day lends even more credibility to her work

In just two month's time, I was able to realign my diet, diversify and increase my fitness regimen, and prioritize my time according to what is truly important to me. I feel healthier and stronger, but most of all I feel as though I am finally living authentically from the inside out.

No matter where you are on your journey, Leah can help guide and support you on your way. She is the cheerleader on your shoulder you always wished you had!"

Karly,   Graphic Designer, Ski Patroller   & Travel Junkie    Ashland, OR

Karly, Graphic Designer, Ski Patroller & Travel Junkie

Ashland, OR

"I heard about Inner Wisdom Health and Wellness through my daughter, who worked with Leah for several months and really appreciated her coaching. Although at age 65 my health issues were very different, I found in Leah the same willingness to meet me right where I was and focus on my particular concerns. I wasn’t sure how consulting over the phone would work (I live in Washington State), and was pleased at how easy it was to share things with Leah. She is an excellent listener, and she seems genuinely interested in each person’s story. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she goes to work for each client, researching issues and following up with multiple ideas and solutions to choose from. In just a few sessions, I was able to make several important changes to my diet, and am finding that I can cut back on or eliminate several medications I’d been taking for years!  If you’ve been wanting more information about your health than doctors have time to provide, Leah is your encouraging ally on the path to wellness!"

- Emily Siroky

"14 years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, wrists and feet. I try to ease my joint discomfort with diet, exercise (crossfit), and a prescribed injection biological medication. I have been in and out of remission many times, but this summer, after two years without medication, I developed a baker's cyst in my knee and had a lot of swelling in my ankle and foot. I was depressed about going back on my medication, so I reached out to Leah. After only 3 sessions with Leah my leg is greatly improved and I feel my life is more emotionally balanced. Leah Wentworth in a genuine, caring, healer. I highly recommend her services to everyone who wants to improve their health and happiness."  - Linda

"I have been fortunate enough to attend (2) eight week sessions of the Women's Wellness Circle with Leah. With guidance from Leah and the other women in the group, I have been able to make countless positive changes in my life. Being in this group keeps me focusing on specific things in my life, but helps me broaden my perspective on life at the same time. Where ever you are on your life's journey, this group will provide wonderful direction and support!"    



"At our Women's Wellness Circle Leah created such a warm, loving, welcoming space for us to come together and share our lives. I felt safe and supported in our special circle of beautiful ladies. I know my willingness to be vulnerable had a lot do with Leah and her insightful wisdom."   



"I have been around Leah Wentworth since I was a baby. For the last 10 years at least I have been traveling and haven't truly reconnected with her until these last few months. I was going through a few different things in my life that were out of my control, but not my fault. The stress had taken over my life. I was also having PTSD due to one of the events.

In my adulthood, I have become someone who is super driven, accomplishes what I put my mind to, and finds calmness through control and order. So when these chaotic things came into my life I was nothing short of a wreck. I also had a hard time with meditation and breathing exercises. When Leah first came over to begin the tapping exercises (EFT), I was nothing but nervous because of having to speak about what I didn't want to, and the thought of having to focus on it.

After the first session I was beyond amazed about the calmness that it brought me. For someone like me, the tapping was relieving because I was able to move my body but also meditate and say the words in almost a mantra state. Leah also was amazing with making me feel so comfortable about getting to the core of the issues through simple sentences about what was happening to me. With each session I felt more and more comfort in the repetition. What amazes me the most was her intuitive nature to help phrase my worries while we were tapping. She made it very simple. She made it very comfortable, and she made it so that I could take ownership over the issues at hand and feel more empowered. I had a sense of not being as scared.

 Once when I was away from her, I started to have a panic attack. I automatically started doing some of the tapping and it immediately helped. This showed me that it really works. Someone like me, who can never sit still or does not like to talk about their problems found resolution and the skill to face my challenges head-on. I recommend anyone doing this at any stage in their life for it truly helped me. Thank you Leah again. I am truly grateful!"  -Emma

"Leah is a wonderfully gifted Reiki practitioner and healer! I instantly felt calm, safe, and at peace in her presence the very first time I met her! We had a very powerful Reiki session together and I felt great for many days proceeding!"  -Donna

"I didn't realize how important it was to be selfish until I started going to Leah's Women's Wellness Circle.  I dedicate a lot of my energy and time to my career, my spouse, and my family.  Too often, my own needs are overlooked, and I become resentful of my "obligations" to everyone. I feel stretched way too thin, and try to be too much for too many.  I feel guilty for saying no, and try to cram as much as I can into my day.  

Leah's coaching and perspective helped me realize that it is okay to take care of myself first. This email excerpt from Leah says it better than I could, "Self Care - You are #1!! You can not function well if you don't learn to take care of yourself. When you find yourself overwhelmed, off track, being snappy with others or tuning them out, feeling exhausted.....take a minute and ask yourself what you need, and then do it!!! Give yourself permission to be selfish because in the end you will be a better friend, partner, parent, coworker, a better you.....You Rock!! "  

Leah reinforced this sentiment at our meetings, and through personalized communication. But it wasn't just quotes and slogans.  We actually looked at why we put ourselves last, why we think negative thoughts, and then learned how to change them with strategies and tools.

Our small group of women was diverse. I was impressed that Leah was able to make us feel at ease with each other, so that we could open up and have real conversations about important aspects of our lives- most of which fall under the same theme of taking care of your own needs.  It takes a special skill to facilitate feelings and emotions, and I think Leah did an excellent job doing this."    



“Sigh.... People can feel this relaxed?” That’s how I feel after a Reiki session with Leah. Leah is a fun and intuitive (yet no-nonsense) agent of change, whether leading a group or offering a Reiki treatment. Highly recommend."   -Delilah

"Leah has a smile that can light up a room. She is a genuine, caring soul that will guide you towards emotional balance. She is organized and skilled in several complimentary methods of healing such as Reiki and EFT. Her women’s wellness groups are fantastic and very affordable. I highly recommend her!"  -Ali

"The Wellness Circle was very helpful in terms of helping me identify areas in my life where I was stuck and find ways to get moving forward. Leah struck just the right balance between listening / allowing everyone to fully express their thoughts, and providing suggestions to help with the issues people were identifying, which ranged from health and nutrition to work and relationships. Her emails in between the meetings contained helpful readings and additional guidance from Leah based on whatever had been discussed in the group. I highly recommend the Wellness Circle to those who wish to improve areas of their lives and could use support from other women and a skilled and wise coach."     



 'I have experienced reiki and EFT with Leah, she has healing hands and an open heart. Highly recommend her!"  - Rebecca

"I have loved our Women’s Wellness Circles! Leah is a ray of sunshine! She brought so much insight, and warmth to the women in the circle.  Leah is a good listener and has a way of connecting that allows people to find their way, find their voice.  She is always finding a different way to look at things which brings a lot of perspective.  I feel like somehow during the circles I opened up and in doing so, I lost the insecurities I have always had!"  -Kelly