Women’s Wellness Retreat

let go and blossom from within!

October 26-28, 2018

Bethel, Maine


This retreat is designed for the midlife women who is in need of some soulful time away to reconnect with her inner wisdom. Retreat guide Leah Wentworth is a Holistic Life Coach and Energy Healer who is passionate about bringing women together to connect, grow, heal, and blossom into their authentic selves. This retreat will be rich with opportunities to release old baggage, discover more of who you are, and become empowered to create the life you desire.

Are you struggling to find joy and fulfillment in your everyday life?

Are you constantly challenged and consumed by certain aspects of your life?

Are you tired of everyone and everything needing you and pulling you in a thousand directions?

Are you having trouble staying focused on you and what you want?

Do you put others needs before your own all the time?

Do you keep hearing a calling from within that is saying It is time! It is time to expand into the fullest version of yourself! It is time to speak your truth! It is time for you to take better care of yourself! It is time to let go of the bullshit that has been weighing you down all your life!

We all have an inner guide. We all have the answers within us. It can be hard to find the time to really listen to, trust, and follow that inner guidance system. Midlife is when we women start to hear our inner voice louder then ever and it can make it challenging to live our everyday life. Giving yourself time to listen, reflect, and let go of the old you, is essential for your happiness. It is essential for you to blossom into the fullest version of yourself. Your soul is calling you. It is time!

Basic outline for the retreat:

Day 1 - Friday October 26

Arrive between 5:00 - 6:00 and get settled

Dinner - All meals are prepared for you by our Retreat Chef Jacqueline Diaz De Villegas who is a certified health supportive chef, from The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York, NY.

Inner Wisdom Circle I - with retreat host, Leah Wentworth. In these circles you will be guided to look within, journal, and share about your life. You will discover new ways to look at your life challenges, and develop action steps you can take to create the change you are desiring.

Group Sound Healing Session with Andrea Wenger

If you are new to sound healing or crystal singing bowls, you are in for a treat! Sound helps to calm anxiety… quiet your mind… release pain, stress, conditioned thought patterns, and stuck emotions… shift you into a deeply relaxed state where spontaneous healing can occur. This deeply relaxing experience restores harmony to your bodymindspirit through healing sound vibrations from bells, drum, rattle, sacred songs, and Andrea’s angelic vocal toning with crystal singing bowls.

Day 2 - Saturday October 27


Hike (trail still TBD) easy - moderate 5 - 6 miles (lunch on top of mountain)

Soul Path Art workshop I with Larissa Davis

Soul Path Art uses creativity as a tool for connecting to the intuition and receive guidance from the soul level, connecting us to our passion and our Soul Path. It is at once deep and fun, profound and high vibration. And it is for everyone…no art background is needed.  

In our first session, we will explore creative warmups to quiet our busy left-brain and awaken our right-brain. Guided visualizations and free writing will help us clarify how we are being called to transform. Then we begin our intentional painting, moving energy from within to without, creating art as meditation and medicine.


Inner Wisdom Circle II - with Leah Wentworth - around the camp fire (weather permitting)

perhaps some games, singing, or a polar plunge in the lake…..You never know what a wild, soulful, group of women will do!

Day 3 - Sunday October 28

Yoga with Amy Wentworth who is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher 


Soul Path Art workshop II With Larissa Davis

In our second session, we will begin with a brief meditation to reconnect, and then dive right in to the fun of painting our final layers. Choose to keep your painting abstract, or be inspired to seal it with a focal image, spirit animal, or other symbol to remind you of your intention.

Final Inner Wisdom Circle - with Leah Wentworth


1:00pm - Good bye hugs

*this is an outline and is subject to change as the needs of the group and the weather can be unpredictable. Also note that this weekend is for you to rejuvenate, get inspired, and connect with your soul. If at any point you need to do something different then the group you are welcome to