The Heart

Our logo tells a story.... As I was tapping our maple trees for their sweet sap one spring, I got thinking about this sap and how it is much like blood in the human body.  Sap carries water, nutrients, minerals, and hormones that the tree needs to survive and grow.  

I also got thinking about how you can learn a lot about a tree by taking a closer look inside.  Have you ever looked at tree rings when a tree was cut down?  Each ring represents a year in the tree's life.  Some rings are close together, some far apart, some thick, some lopsided, and others round. These rings develop in these ways depending on what is happening in the trees life....was there a drought? To much water? Where conditions perfect? How much nutrients did it get? What about sunshine? Was it invaded by pests?

Just like with trees, you can learn a lot about a human and what they need by taking a look inside.  What is out of balance?  What is going well? What patterns have you created? What traumas have you experienced? What are your strengths? What do you need to thrive?    

Inner Wisdom is something we will learn to listen to and cultivate throughout our entire lives. 

What story does your treeprint have to tell? 

Tap into your inner wisdom like tapping the sap of a tree.

I chose the shape of a heart because really, everything changes when we learn to follow our hearts!