Women's Wellness Circle


When women are in a room with other women, something magical happens. By supporting and encouraging each other on their journeys, they also support and encourage themselves. Since I was young, I have felt a strong pull toward group coaching and the energetic, contagious power of being united in pursuing positive change.

The Women's Wellness Circle is designed to coach up to 10 women at a time. You will be guided to look within and discover what we need and desire, what is holding us back, and the roots of your challenges.  We will discuss various topics relating to health and wellbeing, such as relationships, career, self-care, stress, vulnerability, fear, sleep, creativity, mindfulness, and more.  Each woman will have an opportunity to share what is going on in her life, and to set personal goals. I create a nurturing and supportive environment in which to discuss personal issues. The power of working in a group setting comes from a feeling of connectedness, and knowing that you are not alone in your struggles. Others often face similar issues, and together we are stronger! You will also be introduced to new perspectives and this creates inspiration to motivate change.  This is a wonderful, affordable way to start, or continue, your journey toward wholeness. 

New series will be starting soon, stay tuned!

Riverbend Wellness Center , Arundel